Aruma Case study

Aruma – Case study

Post-merger cultural alignment: Aruma

In 2018, House with No Steps (HWNS) and The Tipping Foundation, two leading disability service providers, merged. This merger followed a government divestment, which saw HWNS take on more than 80 homes. The merger took place in a changing NDIS environment, which was influencing customer relationships and trust in ‘the system’ and the organisations within it. Staff were unsure what the future held. There was a need to manage the merger and create cultural alignment of more than 5,000 staff, reconnect with customers and help grow the new organisation so it had the strength to continue to secure valued customers for the next 50 years.

Defining and creating a common culture in a time of substantial change is a difficult undertaking, and the executive team needed specialist strategic advice and assistance. An unaligned culture could jeopardise the sustainability of the newly-merged organisation, with the ensuing confusion having the potential to create inconsistent customer experience and low levels of staff engagement.

As such, Brand Council was engaged to undertake the necessary research (both internally and externally), consult and engage with staff and define the brand architecture and philosophy for the consolidated organisation –a powerful purpose the staff could unite behind and take pride in. The development of the purpose, guiding philosophy, values, beliefs and spirit sat at the core of the strategy, which also led to the new name for the combined organisation –Aruma –an internal culture alignment strategy, a new ‘Tone of Voice’ and the brand idea itself.

Once defined, the strategy allowed Brand Council in consultation with its creative partners to develop the visual identity for the new brand.

Aruma now has a brand strategy in place that defines a clear organisational purpose, which will underpin future decision-making, behaviours and communication in the long-term.


Creative partner Extension 77

Design partner et Collective

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