Brisbane Boys College – Case study

Brisbane boys College – Case study

A new school of thought: Brisbane Boys College

In the world of private education most schools have worthy but convergent positions in the marketplace. Many develop a one-dimensional image – the sporty school, the academic school, or the ‘arty’ school.

Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) had a strong heritage and a well-regarded yet indistinct brand. Loved by its students, Old Boys, parents and staff, the school needed to carve out a unique place that went beyond the one-dimensional paradigms of ‘sporty’ or ‘academic’ schools. 

By engaging staff, parents and Old Boys, Brand Council helped BBC to articulate its core identity through exploration of the organisation’s beliefs, values, spirit, purpose, and ultimately its guiding philosophy. A brand strategy was developed to position BBC as a true thought leader brand in boys’ education, the kind of school that embraces its heritage while leading the future.

The BBC Manifesto was developed from the strategy to clarify who the school is and what it stands for in a way that was easily communicable to current and future staff, parents and students.

With a progressive strategy and attitude, the school is now focused on instilling a new way of thinking in education – a new approach for the new world that awaits its boys.  

Brisbane Boys College

Creative partner – Extension 77

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