Fire and Rescue NSW – Case study

Fire and Rescue NSW – Case study

Identity Crisis for First Responder: Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) was suffering from an identity crisis.  Far from the reality of providing a full range of emergency services including rescue and HAZMAT, Brand Council’s research found that the organisation was still thought of by the wider community as “the fire brigade” and primarily as property-based protectors.

Not only that, but FRNSW was lacking direction.  Geographically diverse, with 355 stations and offices across the State, the organisation suffered from a silo mentality with a clear lack of common purpose.  FRNSW wanted internal and external stakeholders to fully appreciate what they do, why they do it and what they are working on for the future.

Brand Council guided the FRNSW executive team through the process of research, consultation, engagement, analysis and diagnosis to define its brand beliefs, spirit, strategy and purpose, develop a refreshed visual identity as the cornerstone of improved stakeholder communication and determine key on brand, off brand and exceptional behaviours.  Brand Council’s role was central to the development and roll-out of the brand architecture and included working with a design team to develop the refreshed identity, a creative team to develop the brand idea and the Executive Leadership Team for speech writing and change management support.

This project resulted in the first ever simultaneous presentation to all stations and offices via live stream, bringing all staff from across the State together for the first time and the most successful community Open Day on record.

Internal engagement is improving, as is media representation in news stories that demonstrate FRNSW’s involvement in a broad range of community incidents.  Communications are stronger through the consistency in messaging and design.

Fire and Rescue NSW

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