Workwear Group – Case study

Workwear Group – Case study

Bringing tough back into workwear: Workwear Group

Hard Yakka and King Gee are iconic Australian workwear brands, but with the emergence of new, more fashionable options on the racks they were fast becoming one of many: they were no longer the brands of choice for their target markets, needing to become relevant and top of mind once again.

Workwear Group’s CEO was faced with some potentially tough calls, and engaged Brand Council to undertake a review of the portfolio, which began with a re-evaluation of the market and consumer, review of the individual brands and the construction of a brand architecture and strategy for growth in the increasingly competitive workwear apparel and PPE market.

In-depth consultation and engagement with WWG staff led to the development of the brand strategy and purpose that would give each brand a very clear role in the market, and further led to updating the positioning, development of brand idea and re-launch campaigns.

Following the internal launch, staff engagement has dramatically improved with greater clarity around the Hard Yakka and KingGee brands and their unique roles within the WWG portfolio.  Distributors are more engaged and supportive of both brands and WWG was voted the Totally Workwear (TWW) supplier of choice in 2018.  

Sales through Bunnings have tripled and sales through TWW have grown 80%. Footwear YTD sales are also up 26%. The Hard Yakka “History of Hard” radio promotion on the Nova network was one of the most successful campaigns in Nova history.


Hard Yakka


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